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Price:  800 Kč / 55 mins

The lessons are paid by package of min. 4 lessons valid for 3 months.

Online private class (Zoom or Skype) 700 Kč/ 55 min
Cancellation – if you need to cancel, make sure you do so well in advance. Cancelling less than 12 hours before the session – you will be charged the full price of the session.

To book a private lesson, you can contact me by phone – 605 386 715, email or use the online booking system.

soukromé lekce Pilates Praha 6

My private Pilates lessons are customized for each client, their needs, wishes and fitness level.

I combine matwork, Pilates Reformer Allegro 2 and various Pilates accessories: flexband/thera-band, overball, fitball, magic circle, foam roller, arc barrel, bosu.

Individual lessons are best suited for people who want to target specific areas, or have a health problem, don’t want to follow a group program and want their instructor’s full attention.

I want my clients to understand what they do and why they do it, I teach them to pay attention to their body, which muscles are working and how it affects the whole body. My classes can be slow and rehabilitating, or dynamic and motivational.

If you want to do more advanced exercises, sports or just function properly, you need to master the basics – the correct posture. We work on strengthening the muscles, stretching and improving the mobility of joints and whole body.

The more flexible your body is, the more flexible your mind will be – Pilates affects your body, mind and soul and you need to be patient and enjoy the journey. I am sure you will be nicely surprised about the results.

soukromé lekce Pilates Praha 6